Welcome to the Lowcode & Nocode Selector

As you probably noticed, the list of Lowcode & Nocode tools keeps growing exponentially. While having a lot of options can be a luxury, it also creates various challenges for all parties involved in Lowcode and Nocode.

As the Lowcode and Nocode wizards of PragmatiQ, we believe that everyone involved in Low- or Nocode should be able to connect to the right business or platform. Below you'll find the different challenges you may face as someone involved in low-code, including the solutions we provide for this.



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Connecting Low & NoCode talent to businesses

A common challenge for businesses in the Lowcode & Nocode space is finding the right talent to build an application; we are commonly asked if we know a someone for a certain job.

We realised the Lowcode & Nocode selector platform was a perfect for for helping right talents connect to the right business. After all, this platform aims to connect everyone in the Lowcode & Nocode space.

The result of this is our Lowcode & Nocode Job Board. Click below to check it out!


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